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Group Konstrukt specialises in computer access floors otherwise known as raised access flooring. We provide the ideal solution to the ever changing and growing modern office of today. Our access flooring solutions will increase your net usable space by adapting to all kinds of workplace configurations.

Group Konstrukt specialises in the manufacture, distribution and installation of a 'state of the art' flooring system. Our flooring solutions have been designed to give our clients versatility and a maintenance free product that will see our product through the life cycle costing of the building. Our range of flooring systems have been designed around competitive awareness ensuring that our systems will gain labour efficiencies during the critical project delivery phase.

Group Konstrukt's advanced system has the flexibility for all your flooring requirements, specifically designed to adapt to various configurations including open plan offices, data centres or small server rooms. We can also cater for complete office/ computer room modifications covering the entire scope to ease the coordination issues often highlighted by the complexity of ‘under floor services’. There is a solution for all your immediate and future requirements.

Considering today’s changing needs and challenges, your ICT technicians can expect exceptional access through out the floor, enabling re-configuration and/or reticulation to be carried out with ease to support the delivery of  day to day ICT operations and functionality of your workplace.

The team at Group Konstrukt has over 30 years experience installing access flooring both nationally and internationally.

The team is recognised for its expertise, knowledge and professionalism throughout the industry and acknowledged as one of the best in the business. Our team has been involved with a variety of projects including Government agencies such as Defence and Centrelink as well as the private sector.

Group Konstrukt flooring is available Australia wide, CBD and regional, as well as in New Zealand and the Asia Pacific Region.

For more information on our access flooring solutions please contact us.

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